Friday, November 14, 2008

First Entry

I'm starting a blog with two real purposes in mind:

Like many vegans, I am obsessed with good food. Unfortunately, good vegan food is hard to find, especially when you live in rural New Hampshire. As a result, I spend a lot of my time driving to cities with vegan-friendly restaurants. Often, I review these restaurants on, but I've found that restaurant reviews aren't always the best venue for directly comparing specific dishes across restaurants. This blog will enable me to give my honest opinion in a series of food match-ups. 

Because there isn't much good vegan food where I live, I often resort to cooking. I never used to cook when I didn't have to (I'm a busy grad student!) but sometimes I can only handle so many flavorless burritos and greasy Asian stir fry dishes before I find myself scouring the pages of the 30+ vegan cookbooks on my shelf. I thought I would post some of the better recipes here so that others can get inspired to try a new vegan recipe every once in a while.  

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Trish said...


Thank you for writing your blog. I am a relatively new vegan, and I appreciate your recipes. I lived in Vermont last year and grew up in Mass. (family still there) so I also appreciate your restaurant reviews. I'm in Iowa now. I'll be checking your blog for good recipes! Thanks again.