Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vegan Vacation: Trip to Farm Sanctuary

Ben and I took a trip to Farm Sanctuary (Watkins Glen, NY) in September to visit my adopted sheep Maggie.

On our drive down, we stopped in Northampton, MA to eat lunch at Cafe Evolution. While we were there, we decided to stock up on some of their INCREDIBLE vegan cupcakes:

After about 5 hours of driving, we arrived at our destination: The Log Country Inn Bed and Breakfast. We had originally planned to stay in one of the B&B cabins at Farm Sanctuary but it turned out that they were booked for the entire month of September when we called in mid-August. It worked out just as well. We ended up staying in a beautiful jacuzzi suite:

The proprietress of the Log Country Inn made us a delicious breakfast of vegan blintzes served with different types of jam on the first morning. On the second morning, she made vegan potato pancakes, served with fresh fruit.

We spent the better part of our first full day in upstate NY visiting Farm Sanctuary. First, we went on a VIP tour to see Maggie:

(She's the one with the dark face standing behind me - she was too shy to let me get very closer to her)

Next, we took a group tour of the entire farm. The tour guide explained to us that pigs are bred to have unnaturally white skin (in order to make their meat lighter) so the people working at Farm Sanctuary have to apply sunscreen to the pigs every day so that they don't get sunburned! Ben was so impressed by this that he decided to adopt a pig named Chuck:

(Ben with a pig - not Chuck)

We spent the rest of our trip in Ithaca, walking around Cornell University's campus and exploring the boutiques and hippie stores. There were a number of wonderful vegetarian restaurants in the area (not to mention the fact that almost every restaurant seemed to have a decent vegan option the menu).

1) Farm Sanctuary offers its own Bed & Breakfast that has rooms available from May-October. Guests stay in rustic cabins and use restroom facilities in the Visitor Center. The Visitor Center also has a gift shop which has a wide range of vegan snacks available (ranging from granola bars and cookies to extremely decadent chocolate raspberry truffles!). The $85 room rate includes a continental breakfast of vegan pastries and bagels served with juice, fruit, coffee and tea. Reservations fill up quickly, so call early.

2) The Log Country Inn is approximately 40 minutes from Farm Sanctuary by car and its rooms are available year-round. Guests have a variety of rooms and suites to choose from, some of which include lavish jacuzzi baths. The proprietress is more than happy to make vegan breakfasts (she even advertises this on the website). Rooms range from $70 to $200 for two people.

3) The Ginger Cat Bed and Breakfast is located about 15 minutes' drive from Farm Sanctuary and its rooms are available May-October. The Ginger Cat features two guest bedrooms with a shared bathroom. Vegan breakfast is served every morning and a lavish vegan brunch buffet is available on weekends. Rooms are $85 for two people.

1) Moosewood Restaurant - famous for its vegetarian cookbooks, Moosewood always has a couple of vegan items on the menu.
2) Pizza Aroma - makes pizza with Vegan Gourmet soy cheese
3) ABC Cafe - cute vegetarian cafe/bar on Cornell campus
4) Great Escape Ice Cream Parlor - ice cream parlor that has soft-serve soy ice cream!
5) Everything Wellness Bookstore and Raw Foods Cafe - raw foods cafe in downtown Ithaca


Beverly said...

Wow, those cupcakes look delicious! How easy is it to get to Farm Sanctuary from the nearest airport?

Lola said...

I think that the Syracuse airport is closest, although it's still 2 hours away by car. There's a tiny airport in Ithaca, but flights there are really expensive.

You could also drive from New York City, which is about 4 hours away.

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